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International Participation Grows at Agritechnica

15 November 2011

GERMANY - More than 2,700 exhibitors are taking part in AgriTechnica 2011, which is taking place in Hannover, Germany, this week, writes Chris Harris from the exhibition.

The exhibition has half its participants coming from 40 countries outside Germany.

The event is presenting a complete programme of agricultural machinery and equipment and has seen the agricultural show grow by 17 per cent since it was last staged in 2009.

Dr Reinhard Grandke, Chief Executive Officer of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society), Frankfurt am Main, organisers of the exhibition, said that the international participation in the exhibition has grown outstandingly by almost a quarter compared with 2009.

The largest contingents of the 1,372 foreign companies come from Italy (322 companies), the Netherlands (112) France (92), China (82), Austria (76), Turkey (72), Denmark (59), the USA (54), Canada (49), the United Kingdom (44), Poland (41), Spain (39), India (36) and Finland (34).

"It is conspicuous that numbers from nearly all countries have increased. DLG rates this as a clear indication that international manufacturers are increasingly using Agritechnica as the gateway to global markets.

Dr Reinhard Grandke, Chief Executive Officer of the DLG.
"At the same time, DLG sees this as confirmation of its marketing campaign, with Agritechnica run-up events held in many countries and further expansion of the travel service, this being reflected for instance in 14 official country pavilions."

Dr Granke said that agriculture is one of the key industries of the 21st century.

"Within just a short space of time there has been a paradigm shift. World demand for agricultural commodities is increasing steadily. This development has led to new self-confidence throughout the agricultural sector.

'Farming is future' - this slogan expresses the currently ongoing upswing," he said.

"And agriculture is perceived as one of the essential sectors of the macro-economy. It is acceptable in society and possesses the competence for solving fundamental questions relating to the future, namely sufficient quantities of high quality foods and safe, low-cost energy for electricity, heat and mobility."

He added that there is a new self-confidence among farmers based on the improved economic situation and is reflected in the positive mood that can be felt today.

"This is also revealed by the results and trends pointed up by the Trendmonitor Europe survey that DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society) conducted in autumn 2011 together with Europe's leading agricultural market research institute Kleffmann (Lüdinghausen, Westphalia)," he said.

"According to the results of the survey, farmers in Germany, France and the United Kingdom consider their current business situation to be stable at a high level. Looking at the trend over several years, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary also display a positive assessment of the present business situation.

"These countries have evidently "arrived in Europe" and are orienting large parts of their production to global frameworks.

"As the results for Germany, France and the United Kingdom also show, expectations of future business development remain at a high level despite economic uncertainties. And the farmers and investors in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are expecting positive business developments for their enterprises in future.

"This shows the optimism that characterizes businesses in the agricultural sector."

Dr Granke added that with its range of information covering all aspects of agricultural machinery and equipment and its many information events on the key issues that will be affecting us in future, Agritechnica provides orientation for forthcoming decisions.

"It is an indispensable forum for the future for the entire agricultural sector, for this is where the world's expertise from industry, agriculture, academia and the consultancy sector gathers in concentrated form.

"The exhibition is thus not only an innovations platform for the latest in modern machinery and equipment, but also a provider of ideas and impetus for the prime questions of the future concerning agri-business and agricultural machinery and equipment.

"In a large number of international events such as congresses, workshops and forums, machinery and equipment trends will be pointed up and all key questions relating to the future of agriculture and agricultural machinery will be addressed.

"Furthermore, representatives from academia, the consultancy sector, industry and practical farming will be presenting current trends and important developments, discussing interesting themes of the industry in five forums set up in the Agritechnica halls."

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