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10 May 2013
Payments by US Farm Safety Net Program: Differences by Crop
US - An important aspect of the on-going debate over the new farm bill is the proposed elimination of direct payments. This proposal differentially impacts the program crops, prompting a debate...
26 April 2013
China Food Prices Remain Stable
CHINA - The prices of agri-foodstuffs in China remained stable last week (April 15-21) according to the survey of prices in 36 medium and large sized cities by the Ministry of Commerce, MOFCOM. ...
05 April 2013
Chinese Food Prices Keep Falling
CHINA - Prices of agri-foodstuff fell for the sixth consecutive week in 36 medium and large sized cities in China according to monitoring by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). ...
04 March 2013
Balloon Bug Prompts Surveillance Push
NICARAGUA – State efforts to control the spread of the Legume Balloon Bug, have been stepped up in the form of tighter surveillance controls. ...
10 February 2013
American Agriculture Gets Super Bowl Boost
ANALYSIS - All of American agriculture has been a buzz about the third-most viewed TV commercial that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl football game - Dodge Ram's tribute to American agriculture...
05 February 2013
Dry Weather Affects Argentina Soybean Production
ARGENTINA - For marketing year (MY) 2012/13, soybean production is reduced to 53 million metric tons (MMT), one MMT lower than the USDA official estimate. Since mid-December, it has been hot,...
Georgia Peanut Growers to Reduce Acreage After 2012 Bumper Crop
US - Due to last year's record-breaking peanut harvest and the current surplus supply of peanuts, Georgia peanut farmers will likely decrease the number of acres they plant this year, writes...
09 January 2013
Scientists Learn How Multiple-genome Plants Reproduce
US - A study out of Harvard and Purdue universities is starting to unravel the genetic mechanisms that allow some plants to duplicate their entire genomes and continue to reproduce....
14 December 2012
Soybean Area Raised due to Reduction in Sunflowerseed Area
ARGENTINA - Soybean area for marketing year 2012/13 is adjusted to 19.8 million hectares, 100,000 hectares above the USDA official estimates, due to additional area previously dedicated to sunflowerseed...
26 October 2012
Feedipedia – New Resource on Feed Ingredients
MEXICO – During the Latin American Animal Nutrition Congress in Puerto Vallarta, a new source for evaluating non-conventional feed ingredients for all types of livestock was presented, writes...
19 October 2012
Argentina Expects Record Year for Soybeans
ARGENTINA - Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) Buenos Aires makes no changes to the official USDA area and production estimates for soybeans and sunflowerseed for the marketing year 2012/13....
02 May 2012
Economist: US Farm Bill Shifts to Risk Management, Reduces Overlap
ANALYSIS - Karl Zulauf, agricultural economist and professor at The Ohio State University, said with the elimination of direct payments, creation of ARC, and enhancements to crop insurance, the...
16 April 2012
Soybean Production to Increase in 2012/13
SOUTH AFRICA - It is expected that the area to be planted with soybeans in the 2012/13 MY will increase by six per cent on the back of increasing crushing capacity to 500,000 hectares, which,...
17 October 2011
Peanut Farmers Dig Higher Prices
US - Harshly dry weather, fewer planted acres and good ol' supply and demand have joined forces to bring peanut farmers the highest prices in two decades for their crop....
26 July 2011
Georgia Peanut Acreage Takes Dive
US - Peanut acreage in Georgia this year dropped to the lowest amount in three decades, a sharp decline for the country's leading peanut-producing state, writes Brad Haire University of Georgia....
21 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 20, 2011
US - Focus of this week's USDA Crop Progress Report shifts to corn emergence at 97 per cent, just 2 per cent under the 5-year average of 99 percent, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
20 June 2011
Loan Rates for 2011-Crop Peanuts Announced
US — The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) has announced 2011-crop loan rates for four types of peanuts. ...
16 June 2011
Food Safety Begins in the Field
U.S - Commercial kitchens are required to meet certain health standards to help protect consumers from food related illnesses, but what about preventing potential health risks before it even...
14 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - June 13, 2011
US - There is little surprise in this week's USDA Crop Progress Report with corn up 5 percentage points to 99 per cent planted as of June 12, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
07 June 2011
UDSA Crop Progress Report - June 6, 2011
US - In-line with trader expectations, the USDA Crop Progress Report showed corn jumped 8 percentage points to 94 per cent as of June 5, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
24 May 2011
UDSA Crop Progress Report - May 23, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report showed another significant increase for corn planting this week jumping 16 per cent from 63 per cent (week of May 16) to 79 per cent as of May 23, writes Sarah...
17 May 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 16, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report saw another increase this week jumping 23 per cent from 40 per cent (week of May 8) to 63 per cent as of May 15 which is right where grain trader expected it,...
29 March 2011
Peanut Prices High Amid Lower Acreage
US - Peanut acreage in the Portales valley in New Mexico is down, but prices are high, a local grower has said. ...
19 January 2011
Peanut Variety Options Good for 2011
US - South Carolina peanut production has been impressive over the past few years and may have gotten a good shot-in-the-arm when 2011 contracts came out with runners in the $500-plus per ton...
11 January 2011
Peanut Stocks in Storage Totaled 4.15 Billion Pounds
US - Peanut stocks reported in commercial storage on November 30, 2010 totaled 4.15 billion pounds of equivalent farmer stock, compared with 3.97 billion pounds a year ago. ...
10 September 2010
Peanut Acreage 'Could Increase Next Year'
US – Between 250 and 300 acres of peanuts are currently being grown in the north-central region of US state Arkansas' Jackson County, though some experts believe that next year will see a big...
06 September 2010
Afla-Guard Also Protects Corn Crops
US - Afla-Guard, a biological control used to thwart the growth of fungi on peanuts, can be used on corn as well, according to a study by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists who...
31 August 2010
Acreage 'Dragging Down' Peanut Market
US – Before the start of the 2010 planting season, US peanut producers were expecting acreage growth of eight to 10 per cent, leading farmers to boost their plantings by 17 per cent – now...
12 August 2010
Hope Remains for 'Above-Average' Peanut Crop
US – Peanut producers in the US state of Georgia can still expect a better-than-average yield this year, despite unfavourable growing conditions, an analyst has said....
09 August 2010
Peanut Farms 'Invaded By Cockatoos'
AUSTRALIA – Australian peanut growers in Atherton, west of Cairns in north Queensland, have said that they are dealing with a cockatoo invasion of epic proportions....

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