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03 August 2010
Peanut Acreage 'To Damage Prices'
US – Farmers of peanuts in the US should expect to see the market value of their produce fall this year, as plantings have been boosted by 17 per cent....
14 June 2010
Plane Peanut Ban 'Picking On Farmers'
US – Federal regulators in the US have proposed a restriction, or total ban, of peanuts sold and consumed on commercial aeroplane flights....
10 June 2010
Scientists Developing 'Low-Allergy' Peanuts
US – Researchers in the US are currently working on a new variety of peanut that they claim could stop allergy problems caused by the legume....
21 May 2010
Peanut Planting 'On Target'
US – Peanut producers in Mississippi will soon finish planting and expect much better results than last season, one farming publication has said....
04 January 2010
Chlorophylls to Eliminate Aflatoxin Crop Risk
GLOBAL - Chlorophylls could be effective for reducing the absorption of aflatoxin in humans from crops, according to new research....
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