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14 July 2011
Purdue: Forage Crops Are Option After Winter Wheat
US — Farmers can consider seeding an annual forage crop after their winter wheat, says a Purdue Extension forage specialist. ...
11 July 2011
Year-Long Council Effort Yields EU Success
EU - The US Grains Council and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program have succeeded in a year-long effort to resolve an obsolete provision in European Union (EU) tariff regulations that has hindered...
01 July 2011
USDA Grain Stocks: Corn Down 15 Per Cent
US - USDA released the June 2011 Grain Stocks report today, indicating lower corn and wheat stocks and higher soybean stocks. ...
21 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 20, 2011
US - Focus of this week's USDA Crop Progress Report shifts to corn emergence at 97 per cent, just 2 per cent under the 5-year average of 99 percent, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
Council Sees US Sorghum Potential in Japan
JAPAN - With purchases totaling $126 million in 2010, Japan is one of the most important markets for US sorghum....
14 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - June 13, 2011
US - There is little surprise in this week's USDA Crop Progress Report with corn up 5 percentage points to 99 per cent planted as of June 12, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
07 June 2011
UDSA Crop Progress Report - June 6, 2011
US - In-line with trader expectations, the USDA Crop Progress Report showed corn jumped 8 percentage points to 94 per cent as of June 5, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
Pioneer, Farms Technology Offer Dynamic Pricing
US - DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred and Farms Technology, L.L.C., today announced an enhanced electronic grain marketing program that will simplify and provide flexibility for the buying and...
06 June 2011
Moroccan Importers Increase US Sorghum Purchases
MORROCO - Two major Moroccan grain importers are continuing a pattern of regular sorghum purchases, putting Morocco on course for record US sorghum imports this year. ...
Syngenta Transfers Sorghum to Golden Acres
US - June 3, 2011 - Syngenta in North America today announced an agreement with Golden Acres Genetics, Ltd., Waco, Tex., to transfer all existing Syngenta sorghum seed inventory to Golden Acres...
01 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 31, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report edged higher for corn planting this week moving 7 per cent from 79 per cent (week of May 23) to 86 per cent as of May 31, which is just under trader expectations...
24 May 2011
UDSA Crop Progress Report - May 23, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report showed another significant increase for corn planting this week jumping 16 per cent from 63 per cent (week of May 16) to 79 per cent as of May 23, writes Sarah...
23 May 2011
USGC Finds Growing Market Potential in Turkey
TURKEY - The outlook for Turkish grain imports is growing rapidly under the influence of growing demand and high internal grain prices. ...
New Sorghum Variety Gives Farmers Hope
KENYA - With the introduction of a new sorghum variety that is drought resistant and contains special carbohydrates ideal for brewers, farmers in Kenya have a chance to maximise their earnings....
17 May 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 16, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report saw another increase this week jumping 23 per cent from 40 per cent (week of May 8) to 63 per cent as of May 15 which is right where grain trader expected it,...
16 May 2011
Dow's Hyland Seeds Expands Nairn Cereal Research Lab
CANADA - In a move that cements its commitment to growth and expansion, Hyland Seeds, a division of Dow AgroSciences, has purchased the Thompsons Limited facility located on Ross Side Road....
06 May 2011
Grant to Bring Healthier Sorghum to Africa
AFRICA - The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and DuPont are to receive a $4 million grant from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to bring healthier sorghum to underserved communities in Africa....
03 May 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 2, 2011
US - As expected, the USDA Crop Progress Report didn't show much new planting progress from last week, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of ...
02 May 2011
Tracking US Grain Exports in a Year of High Prices
US - As of April 21, US exports of barley, corn and sorghum are tracking close to 2009/2010 export levels despite increases in grain prices. ...
27 April 2011
Bayer Showcases Sustainable Solutions at ISF
GERMANY - Bayer CropScience will showcase an impressive range of customer-oriented and sustainable solutions - including innovative seed treatment products, technologies and services - which...
Cool Soil Temps Delay Canadian Planting
CANADA - A plant science professor with the University of Manitoba reports cool soil conditions are the biggest factor threatening to delay spring planting this year in Manitoba....
Herbicide Residuals Affect Row Crops After Wheat
US - Before planting a row crop after failed wheat, producers should make sure there will be no harmful herbicide residuals from treatments made to the wheat crop, said Dallas Peterson, K-State...
26 April 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report, Midwest Rains
US - Not much progress in corn planting was made from last week except for North Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas and Texas, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of ...
25 April 2011
Neglecting to Scout for Wireworms Is Mistake
US - Large infestations of wireworms in two separate Massac County fields have been reported this spring, said University of Illinois Extension entomologist Mike Gray....
14 April 2011
Weekly Roberts Market Report
US - The story of the day continues to be centred on corn....
08 April 2011
Safety Tips for Spring Planting Season
US - Setting realistic work priorities and being prepared for planting season are the most important safety tips for farmers to remember this spring, said a Purdue University Extension farm safety...
05 April 2011
EU Export Update: Sorghum Leads the Way
EU - A combination of high ingredient prices and aggressive US Grains Council marketing efforts is producing renewed sales of US sorghum, corn gluten feed (CGF), and distiller's dried grains...
28 March 2011
EU Can't Independently Ban Biotech Crops
EU - Monsanto got a big boost in Europe yesterday when an official ruled that the European Union's constituent countries couldn't independently ban genetically modified crops (GMOs) on their...
04 March 2011
Growers Considering Options at Commodity Classic
US - Growers perused the Commodity Classic tradeshow floor in Tampa, Fl., on Thursday asking agri-businesses about the latest technology as they consider their options for the 2011 growing season,...
28 February 2011
US Sorghum Trials Begin in Saudi Arabia
SAUDI ARABIA - Three containers, or about 60 tons, of US sorghum are in Saudi Arabia and ready for the commercial poultry feeding trial that the US Grains Council is helping set up this week. ...
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