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Crop Industry News: Madagascar

06 October 2014
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Great Risk of Locust Plague Resurgence due to Funding Gap
MADAGASCAR - A locust plague that spread across Madagascar threatening the main staple food crops and pasture in the country has been successfully contained, however, progress is under threat...
23 May 2014
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Madagascar Rice Production Expected to Recover
MADAGASCAR - The 2014 rice output, being harvested, is anticipated to increase above the locust and weather?depressed output of 2013....
11 March 2014
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Microsoft Acquires Carbon Credits From Madagascan Rainforest
MADAGASCAR - Microsoft Inc. has acquired a block of carbon credits from the Madagascan government to help protect one of the country’s pristine rainforest ecosystems – the Makira National...
24 October 2013
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Below Average Madagascar Rice Production Estimated in 2013
MADAGASCAR - A joint FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM), conducted in July, estimates national rice production in 2013 at 3.6 million tonnes (2.4 million tonnes in milled...
18 October 2013
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Erratic Weather and Locust Invasion Leave Millions Food Insecure
MADAGASCAR - As many as 4 million people in rural areas of Madagascar are food insecure following this year's reduced harvest. Production of rice – the Indian Ocean island's staple – and...
28 June 2013
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Locust Plague Threatens to Trigger Severe Food Crisis in Madagascar
MADAGASCAR - Locusts have already infested over half of the island nation’s cultivated land and pastures...
11 April 2013
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Madagascar Needs More than $41 Million to End Locust Plague
MADAGASCAR - Madagascar needs more than $22 million of emergency funding by June to start fighting a severe locust plague that threatens the country's next cropping seasons and the food security...
20 June 2011
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Scientists Criticize Alternative Rice Growing Method
MADAGASCAR - Bigger harvests using an alternative cultivation method without high-tech. A method developed by a priest in Madagascar. Scientists turn their backs on it, but the African method...
20 November 2008
Crop Industry News from Madagascar Daewoo Logistics Biofuel Project for Madagascar
MADAGASCAR - Daewoo Logistics is to acquire a large piece of land in Madagascar to grow maize and crops for biofuels....

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