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Crop Industry News: Syria

31 March 2015
Crop Industry News from Syria Syria Needs Millions of Dollars for Food Security
SYRIA - The ongoing crisis in Syria has severely disrupted agricultural production and trade, leading to an urgent need for aid, said the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)....
19 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Syria Four Million Syrians Unable to Produce or Buy Enough Food
SYRIA - Syria's food security situation has significantly deteriorated over the past year and domestic agricultural production will further decline over the next 12 months if the present conflict...
17 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Syria Below Average Syria Wheat Harvest in 2013
SYRIA - Despite favorable seasonal rainfall in 2012/13, the 2013 wheat production is estimated at 2.4 million tonnes, significantly lower than the average for the ten years prior to 2010/11 that...
08 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Syria Syrian Woes Add to World Wheat Import Pressure
SYRIA - Syria's wheat imports may prove far higher in 2013-14 than markets expect owing to the impact of hostilities on the country's agriculture sector, leaving output down by more than one-third...
25 January 2013
Crop Industry News from Syria Syria Conflict Impacts Agriculture Production
SYRIA - Twenty-two months of conflict have left Syria's agricultural sector in tatters with cereal, fruit and vegetable production dropping for some by half and massive destruction of irrigation...
03 August 2012
Crop Industry News from Syria Syrians Need Food, Crops, Livestock Assistance
SYRIA - Close to three million people are in need of food, crops and livestock assistance, according to a recent assessment carried out by the United Nations and the Syrian government....
29 November 2011
Crop Industry News from Syria Syria Opens Tender for Wheat Purchase
SYRIA - The government of Syria opened a tender to buy 100,000 tonnes of wheat for grinding. The proposals should be presented up to 3:30 pm (Damascus time) of the 5th of next month, to the General...
27 May 2011
Crop Industry News from Syria Devastating Weed Attacks Crops in Syria and Iraq
SYRIA - FAO is stepping in to assist farmers in Iraq and Syria battle with silverleaf nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium), an invasive alien weed that sucks nutrients from the soil and starves...
20 April 2011
Crop Industry News from Syria Scientists Meet to Discuss Wheat Rust Epidemic
SYRIA - More than 100 scientists from 31 countries are gathering on 18-20 April in a special international meeting in Aleppo, Syria, to develop strategies to prevent an epidemic of the wheat...

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