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What's the #1 Career in Crisis? 15 April 2014

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Tuesday 15th April 2014.
Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor



What's the #1 Career in Crisis? 

Greetings from a snow-covered Midwest! Yes, it’s mid-April and we had a snowfall Monday afternoon and evening that turned into about ½ inch of snow here in Chicago, and it’s still here early on Tuesday morning. This follows a weekend that was in the 70s F (21-26 C) and required me to dig into the back of the closets to retrieve shorts and t-shirts for the kids.

I was in England last week and before I left, my colleagues reminded me that at this time last year, it had snowed in the Sheffield area. So I’ve considered myself and all of the Midwest jinxed. : )

Last week's heavy rains and this week’s cool temps will keep most farmers out of their fields. Conventional wisdom says that the prime planting window to maximize corn yields across much of the Midwest opens about mid-April and closes about May 10, with a week either way depending on where you are located. But as we are on the front end of the equation, agronomists agree there’s no need for concern just yet.

For more on corn planting dates, click here

USDA’s first Crop Progress report with corn planted data was released on Monday showing 3 per cent of the corn crop planted in the top 18 US states, representing 91 percent of 2013 corn acreage.

As expected, the southern state of Texas is off to a healthy start at 57 per cent planted, while North Carolina was at 20 per cent and Kansas was at 11 per cent. Of the three “I” states (Iowa, Illinois and Indiana), only Illinois showed any planting progress with 1 per cent planted. This week's corn planted acreage compares to 2 per cent planted a year ago, but is under the 5-year average of 6 per cent planted.

To view the Crop Progress report, click here.

Yahoo is claiming the “#1 Career in Crisis” is the US Farmer and Rancher. Yahoo says, “Sadly, the US Department of Labor reports that farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers will see their workforce numbers decline by 19 percent - or 179,900 jobs - from 2012 to 2022.”

According to Las Vegas-based career expert Denise Nicole Cook, US farmers are in crisis because of international markets for food and crops.

"Farming has become such a global industry," Cook says. "It's just not as lucrative in the United States as it once was."

Yahoo says one reason it's not as lucrative is that prices are increasing - the price of seeds, chemicals, machinery, and land.

While I’m sure the statistics Ms Cook quoted are accurate, we know there’s more to this story. You are farmers – every year you get better. Rapidly advancing technology is creating a more efficient industry - it takes fewer to produce even more.

I believe farming is the MOST important job for the future. Whether you run a commercial operation, an organic operation or if you are a small holder farmer in a developing country, our growing population is depending on you.

I’d love to have you follow me on Twitter @sarahmikesell.

Have a great week and a happy Easter!


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