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Cool Weather May Affect US Corn Crop Differently to Previous Years - 29th July 2014

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Tuesday 29th July 2014.
Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor



Cool Weather May Affect US Corn Crop Differently to Previous Years

Welcome! – Weather conditions over the next two months will be detrimental to the outcome of the Indiana corn crop.

Currently, high yields are expected, but this could be impacted by unforeseen, drastic changes in weather and diseases said corn specialist Bob Nielsen this week.

Corn and soybeans futures prices have dropped to their lowest levels since 2010, with corn below $4 per bushel and soybeans under $11.

This is partly due to higher yields expected for many farms this fall. Although high yields result in more bushels for famers to sell, the higher supplies lead to much lower prices, meaning smaller profit for growers.

India has estimated 261 million tonnes of foodgrain output during 2014-15 fiscal year period.

As per the government estimates, rice production has been pegged at 106 million tonnes, wheat output has been put at 94 million tonnes, followed by coarse cereals at 41.50 million tonnes.

Oilseeds output was estimated at 33 million tonnes and sugarcane production was put at 345 million tonnes.

Cotton has been estimated at 35 million bales (1 bale of 170 kg each).

In the UK, MPs have criticised the lack of effective Government action to protect UK bees from harmful insecticides.

In its report into the Government’s National Pollinator Strategy (NPS), due in October, MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee call on the Government to support the recent EU-wide ban on bee-harming neonicotinoid chemicals, and not to try and overturn it when the European Commission conducts a review next year. 

Pollinators provide variety in our diets and some crops, like raspberries, apples and pears, particularly need insect pollination to produce good yields of high quality fruit.

Research has estimated the value of insect pollination to crops at around £400 million due to increases in yield and quality of seeds and fruit.

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