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TheCropSite Newsletter - 10 January 2012

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Tuesday 10th January 2012.

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Editorial: Welcome to TheCropSite Newsletter

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We are here because agriculture is no longer a local industry - it's global. And to be successful, you need to be aware of the important global issues facing the agricultural industry.

TheCropSite newsletter is packed with premium international crop and agricultural news. And, you'll find in-depth articles covering hot topics, important research and industry reports.

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And now, on to my editorial...

A year and a half ago I was working at an agricultural advertising agency in the Chicago suburbs with great clients like Bayer CropScience and Pfizer Animal Health. And along came a great opportunity... to be a senior editor for an international online news source and launch a brand new site - The CropSite. Plus, I'd have the freedom to create a unique user experience for farmers and the agricultural industry that simply didn't exist.

I think in order to make a career leap, you have to really believe in the concept. And when I leapt, I did believe in the importance of farmers having a global view of agriculture. But after a year in this role, I realize that I only understood what a "global view" means conceptually.

A year ago I didn't really know what climate change was all about. I didn't know how important bioenergy crops are becoming to the world. I didn't know how difficult meeting food supply and security demands are for some countries. I didn't know what deforestation really meant. I didn't know how differently we farm in the US compared to other countries. I didn't know what it means to have to feed 9 billion people in as little as 20-30 years - yes, I'll admit, this is one that I'm still trying to grasp.

Building TheCropSite has broadened my scope of knowledge and understanding beyond just my little corner of the world - the US Midwest. Where ever your little corner of the world is - I hope TheCropSite will help broaden your perspective so you can make more informed decisions for your farming operation or agribusiness.

And I'll make you a promise - that every week in this e-newsletter, I'll share something new - an insight - that I've learned while at an industry event or talking to farmers or people in the agricultural industry.

Sometimes my insights may be business-related, sometimes they'll be serious, and other times they may be entertaining, but I'll always do my best to give it to you straight.

And your feedback is always welcome.

Best wishes in 2012

Biologicals: Crop Protection that's Greener than Your Crop
It's not often you hear about a truly new approach to protecting your crop that's also sustainable and safe to the environment, but use of a biological does just that - it protects your seed or plant from fungi, insects or nematodes while being green in every sense of the word, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCropSite senior editor.

Hightower Report: Corn Outlook for 2012
The corn market might be volatile into early 2012, as it could shift from being in a very tight stocks situation in 2011 to one where a surge in global feed grain and US corn production sparks a sharp increase in available supply.

Hightower Report: Soybean Outlook for 2012
The general trend for soybeans for the first part of 2012 looks to be down, but the break into Mid-December has left the market a bit oversold, and a bounce might be expected in the near term.

NAB: Ag Commodities Weakening Amid Euro Debt Crisis
Agricultural commodities are weakening as the result of the Euro sovereign debt crisis and rising production prospects, according to Michael Creed, Agribusiness Economist at the National Australia Bank in the Economic Report for December 2011.

Russian Federation: GOR Ag Development Forecast for 2012-2014
An overview of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development's macroeconomic assumptions and sector-specific production forecasts on grain, sugar, oilseeds, meat, poultry, dairy, fishery, forestry, and food retail/catering in the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

Changing Practices Accompany Major Shifts in Farm Structure
Changing production practices, including adoption of labour-saving innovations, have contributed to and been affected by increases in both agricultural productivity and the concentration of production, write Erik O'Donoghue, James MacDonald, Utpal Vasavada and Patrick Sullivan of USDA Economic Research service in the latest issue of Amber Waves.

Report: Substitution of DDGS for Corn, Soybean Meal in the US Feed Complex
US ethanol production growth has been stimulated partly by higher energy prices and the influence of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (Government Printing Office, 2006 and 2007).

   United States

End of Ethanol Tax Credits Affects Corn, Feed and Biofuel Markets
Advice Offered At Fort Wayne Farm Show
CME: 2011 USDA Corn Yield Estimates Down Again
CME: Relationships That May Impact On Corn Prices
CME Economist Upgrades 2012 US Economic Outlook
CME: Corn Futures Closed Higher Tuesday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Unchanged Wednesday
CME: Corn Finished Lower Thursday
CME: Corn Finished Unchanged Friday
CME: Corn Futures Finished Higher Monday
Monitoring and Control Device Named One of Top Products
Decoding Corn Defenses for Improved Pest Resistance
Cargill to Modernise Iowa Soybean Crush Operations
Grants Available for Rural Schools from Monsanto
Decline of Crops Could Boost US Sales
US, Brazil Ethanol Swap Seen in 2012
USDA: Focus on South American Weather
Stronger Service to Increase USDA Efficiency


A Look At 2012 Prospects


Growth Set to Challenge Dutch Agri Sector


2012 - Australian Year Of The Farmer
Goomalling Trial Moulds Clay Knowledge
Australian Crop Residues: Asset or Liability?

   United Kingdom

Kendall Questions OFC Panel
OFC - UK Punching Above its Farming Weight
OFC - CAP Reform to Meet Increasing Food Demand
Rural and Farming Networks to Provide Hotline to Government
New Induction Hoppers Ensure Clean Pesticide Containers
RSPB and Farmers Launch Conservation Project
Spelman: Alliances Will Shape CAP That Fits
Sainsbury's Outlines Commitment to British Farming
UK Scientists Discover Cause of Nitrate Leaching
Countdown Begins for Lamma 2012


Chinese Technology to Increase Rice Yields


Highest Ever Corn Bills to Curb Hog Farm Profits
OFC - Reduce Waste to Meet Food Demand
IRRI: Stop Abusing Insecticides in Rice
Scientists Deny GM Corn Caused New Pest
Alpcot Agro: Final Harvest Report 2011


Drought Worse in South Brazil Than 2008-09

Herbicides Can Be Reduced By Up To 90 Per Cent
Agricultural Ammonia Emissions Can Be Reduced


Pakistan Govt Intervention Not to Benefit Rice, Cotton Growers


Zambia: Plant the Right Seed for High Yields, Urges Expert


Paraguay Faces Total Loss of Crops


Japanese Government to Farm in Tsunami Disaster Zone


Philippine Government to Distribute Hybrid Rice

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