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TheCropSite Newsletter - 17 January 2012

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Tuesday 17th January 2012

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Nutrition Enhancement, Population Drive Need for Increased Yield

Last week was our inaugural issue of TheCropSite newsletter, so for those newbies who just signed up, Welcome! We're here to provide premium crop and agricultural news that will help you make better management decisions.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few comments from a Monsanto presentation given this past fall at Farm Progress Show in Illinois, USA. Rob Fraley, Monsanto's chief technology officer, reminded farmers of the statistics we've all been hearing concerning global population and food demand - we have ~7 billion people now and our global population will continue to increase dramatically.

The interesting thing he pointed out was the part of the equation that economists missed - how much world wealth has increased. There are 200 million middle-class consumers in India, 300+ million in China, plus many millions more in the US. As our global middle-class upgrades their diet to include more meat and calories, the demand for nutrition enhancement is as great as the demand from population growth.

Most say grain quantities will have to double over the next 20 to 30 years to meet the food demand of an expected 9 billion people.

Fraley expects a little bit more land will go into production in Brazil and the Black Sea, but when you cut out farmland lost to global urbanization, the amount of land we will have to farm in the future is the same as we have today.

Fraley said the key for Monsanto is to invest in technology that will develop seed with higher yield potential because seed will play a major role in supporting global demand and feeding our rapidly increasing population.

CME Economist Upgrades 2012 US Economic Outlook
ANALYSIS - According to the CME Group's Chief Economist, Blu Putnam, US economic improvements in 2012 will start with real GDP forecast to grow around 3.5 per cent to 4.0 per cent, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCropSite senior editor.

Agricultural Ammonia Emissions Can Be Reduced
In Denmark, approximately 3,400 people die annually due to air pollution, according to an article in the daily newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands.

Miscanthus Yields High Dry Matter Across Range of Conditions
Miscanthus, a tall perennial grass species native to parts of Asia, Polynesia and Africa, is currently grown in North America, including Florida, as an ornamental.

Corn Silage Test Plot to Increase Profitability, Reduce Erosion
Corn silage is harvested from about 1.8 per cent of Iowa corn acres. Most corn silage is grown in the northeast and northwest portions of the state where the majority of dairy herds are located and is critical to the nutrition needs of these animals.

Morocco Grain, Feed Update: Positive Despite Late Start to Season
The 2011/12 grain planting season in Morocco had a late start, with the first significant rainfalls arriving towards the end of October, but despite the delay in planting, agricultural experts remain hopeful for a good grain harvest, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

Cellulosic Biomass Could Meet California's Transportation Fuel Needs
Cellulosic biomass, a structural material in plants that can be converted into ethanol, is the only large-scale sustainable resource for producing alternative liquid fuels that can be integrated with our existing transportation infrastructure.


Flour, Chicken Subsidies Disappear in Argentina
A 'First' Prompts More Argentine Corn Acres
Argentinian Barley Harvest Greatest in Ten Years


Wheat Midge Resistance: Most Significant Recent Advancement in Wheat Breeding Research
US Government Wheat Breeding Research Helps Build $5 Billion Industry

   United States

CME: Corn Futures Closed Unchanged Tuesday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Mostly Unchanged Wednesday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Lower Thursday
CME: Corn Finished Lower Friday
CME: Markets React Badly to Recent Report Data
Research Gauge Climate Costs of Land Use Changes
Disappointment At Closure Of USDA Facilities
Sugar Beets Benefit from Scientific Support
Cargill Earnings Fall Sharply
Corn Stover - An Economical Feed?
High Volatility, 'Fierce' Acreage War Ahead for US Growers
US: Hydrogels Help Grasses Grow on Remote, Arid Rangelands
USDA: Higher Estimated Corn Production Improves Feed Supplies
GeoGrain: Spot Soybean Basis Increased Two Cents
Grain Hedge: USDA Reports Once Again Shock the Market
Record 2011 Farm Profits Could Spill Into 2012


Greece Appeals EU Decision to Return Illegal Farm Subsidies


Indonesian Government: No Plan to Import Rice in 2012

   United Kingdom

New Pathogen Resource Launched
SynTech Research Announces New Global Organisation
New John Deere Gator at LAMMA
New Transmission & Gator at LAMMA
Breeding Better Grasses for Food and Fuel


Computer Model to Develop Tools for Soil Tillage


US Soy to Feed Fish in Pakistan Aquaculture Programme
FAO Food Price Index Ends Year with Sharp Decline
Coordination on Food Safety & Animal Health Aid
McDonald's Works to Mainstream Sustainability
FAO-EU Project to Promote Climate-Smart Farming
RFA: US Ethanol Exports at Highest Level in 2011


Less Red Tape To Aid Agricultural Exports
Australian Grain Variety Trials Results Online
Be the Early Bird on Summer Weed Control


Brazil Harvests Largest Grain Crop in 2011
Drought in Southern Brazil Reduces 2011/12 Soybean Production Forecast


Turkey's 2011 Agricultural Boom


China Seeks to Enhance Food Security


India Cotton: High Production Projected for the 2011/12 Crop


Kazakhstan: Wheat Production Surpasses Record


New Import Rules for Rice from China


Crops with Lower Carotene Levels Less Affected by Parasitic Plants


Teagasc National Tillage Conference

   New Zealand

New Corn Hybrid Could Benefit NZ Growers


Bright Prospects for Philippines Ethanol Industry

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