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TheCropSite Newsletter - 27 March 2012

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Tuesday 27th March 2012.

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Editorial: Welcome to TheCropSite Newsletter

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to Bob Wyffels, vice president of production for Wyffels Hybrids, regarding concerns about the US seed corn supply. US-based Wyffels Hybrids, like many seed companies, realized last fall that due to the record-setting summer heat during the day and night, there was a lack of pollination that caused target yields for seed corn to be about 75 per cent of expectations.

Wyffels Hybrid production field in Chile.

Depending on carryover levels, many seed companies chose to augment their production by going to South America to fill the 25 per cent deficit needed to avoid a 2012 shortage. Wyffels Hybrids was fortunate in that they recognized what was occurring and how it would affect their overall supply about a month before their competitors.

"Wyffels recognized that yields could be less than anticipated and began our South American launch of product early on," said Mr. Wyffels. "We have been producing seed corn in South America for 15 years and have strong relationships there, so we were able to aggressively line up growers and better fields and locations for our seed production acres. We were able to plant early, and today we are bringing back corn on a timely basis, likely earlier than others."

In South America the seed corn crop is planted in September; pollination occurs at the end of December. Harvest is usually in February or March, and seed comes back to the US about April 1.

Seed production in Chile has been excellent this year. In fact, he said yields are exceptional. About 20 per cent of the seed corn supply will be coming from South America.

To learn more about South American seed quality and how the seed is transported back to the US, click here.

On a separate note… this week I'm excited to attend CropWorld North America 2012 conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The conference will offer an outlook for the North American crop production industry, featuring the impact of declining water and energy resources on crop production. So watch next week for insights from the conference.

Have a great week!

US Seed Supply Gets Boost from South America
In October 2011, many US seed companies realized that, due to the record-setting summer heat during the day and night, there was a lack of pollination that caused target yields for seed corn to be about 75 per cent of expectations, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCropSite senior editor.

McDonald's Suppliers Address Global Sustainability Challenges
More than 170 McDonald's supply chain partners submitted 400 stories addressing sustainability challenges to help improve food sources, the environment, communities and employee wellness around the world.

Bridging the US-China Trade Gap
The growing US trade imbalance with China has been a major cause of concern for US policy makers, according to a study by Xiuzhi Wang, Edward Evans, and Fredy Ballen for the University of Florida.

Fast Track from Straw to Energy
The effective use of straw in biogas production can be increased significantly with a new technology researchers at Aarhus University are helping to develop and test for commercial use.

Paraguay: Early Harvested Soy Yields Are Low
The USDA estimates 2011/12 soybean production at 5.0 million tons, a drop of 22 percent from last month and 40 percent from last year.

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