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Tuesday 29th May 2012.

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Editorial: Welcome to TheCropSite Newsletter

It was another steamy week here in the central Midwest, with temperatures over the long US holiday weekend reaching the upper 90s F (30s C). A line of storms moved through the northern/central Midwest Monday/Tuesday providing some relief, but most didn't get what they really need - a soaking rain.

Last Thursday, the International Grains Council released their Grain Market Report ahead of their June conference held in London. The report noted the uncertainty surrounding global grains and oilseeds production caused heightened price volatility due to deepening concerns about the world economy amid eurozone problems.

Following are report highlights for 2011/2012 and even more interesting is their Outlook for 2012/2013:

  • World grains production in 2011/12 is placed slightly lower than last month, at 1,841m. tons (1,753m.).
  • World rice production in 2011/12 is forecast to expand by some 15m. tons, to an all-time high of 462m., due to bigger outturns in Asia.
  • Global use to increase to a record 458m. tons (447m.), while the world 2011/12 carryover will increase to a nine-year peak of 99.6m.
  • World soybean production in 2011/12 is estimated at 236.9m. tons, a decline of 11% from last year, reflecting sharply reduced outturns in all key producers.
  • Despite China's shipments, global trade is expected to fall for the second year, to 88.9m. tons (91.2m.).
2012/13 OUTLOOK

  • The forecast of total global grains production in 2012/13 is up by 4m. tons from last month, to 1,873m. (1,841m.), with a steep increase in maize only partly offset by a cut in the wheat crop.
  • World grains consumption is forecast to expand by 1.6%, to 1,871m. tons, led by a 15m. increase in feed use, to 801m.
  • The forecast of world grain carryover stocks at the end of 2012/13 is reduced by 10m. tons from last month, to 373m. (371m.).
Maize / Corn
  • Global maize (corn) crop is forecast to increase by more than 5% to 913m. tons, with planted area and yields projected at new records.
  • US production is projected at 355m. tons, up by 13% year-on-year. Feed use is forecast to rise by 5%.
  • World stocks are projected to increase to their highest level in three years, almost entirely due to the US.
  • Global 2012/13 crop prospects were good, but adverse conditions lowered harvest expectations in the EU, Russia and Morocco, contributing to a 5m. tons cut in the world production forecast, to 671m. (695m.).
  • Higher feed use slightly raises the projection of world consumption, but at 681m. tons it is expected to be 7m. lower than in 2011/12.
  • Major exporters are forecast to recede by 8.4m. tons, to 62.4m., including a draw-down from Australia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Check out the actual report, including lots of detailed data charts, by clicking here.

Have a great week!

Aerating Grain in Storage
Estimated annual grain loss from harvest to consumption is approximately 10 percent of total production. About half the loss occurs during harvest; the remainder in storage. These losses can be reduced and, in the case of storage, eliminated if proper procedures are followed.

More than Economic Incentives Needed to Reduce Pesticide Use
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Weeds Important for Restoring Farmland Biodiversity
The way in which agricultural land is managed can cause environmental changes that affect biodiversity and the services provided by ecosystems. A new study suggests agrienvironmental schemes that focus on restoring common weeds, such as thistles, buttercups and clover, could have wide-ranging benefits as these plants appear to help stabilise the supportive links between different species found in farmlands.

Crop Wild Relatives and their Potential for Crop Improvement
In the late 1800s, a botanist named N.E. Hansen brought a Siberian alfalfa species to the United States, hoping its capacity to survive extreme cold and drought would benefit farmers in what he reportedly called “my American Siberia”—the northern Great Plains.

Model Forecasts Long-Term Impacts of Forest Land-Use Decisions
The drive to develop crops for use as biofuel, continues to raise questions about additional uses of forest land.

Management of Sorghum Insect Pests
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