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Tuesday 19th June 2012.

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Editorial: Welcome to TheCropSite Newsletter

Consumer preferences - why people purchase different items - has always fascinated me, and a new study caught my eye looking at preferences toward genetically modified (GM) foods. The study showed that people are more willing to actually buy GM foods than they may admit to when surveyed. Here's how it worked:

Researchers set up street-side fruit stands in six different countries: Belgium, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK. The stalls sold fresh fruit clearly displaying three different labels: 'organic, Biogrow certified', 'low residue, local designation' and '100 per cent spray-free, genetically modified'.

When fruits labeled 'organic' were priced 15 per cent higher than market value and 'GM' fruits were discounted by 15 per cent, in the consumer surveys, the most popular choice reported for New Zealander and Swedish customers was organic. However, at the actual fruit stalls, GM labeled fruit was most popular.

German customers indicated in the survey that they preferred low residue fruit, but were also most likely to buy GM labeled fruit at the stalls. Given the same pricing structure, GM labeled fruit was the most or second most popular choice in three out of the five European countries at the fruit stalls, despite GM being the least popular choice given in surveys in every country.

After making their purchases, customers were asked about their decisions, and price was a common factor.

The results suggest surveys may have exaggerated the extent of negative feelings towards GM products. The researchers concluded that 'social expectancy' leads people to make different choices in a survey situation than they would make in a real-life consumer situation.

In other words, a person may be more likely to choose a cheaper, GM product if they believe no-one is watching, but in a survey situation, there is a greater desire to make a socially acceptable choice.

The researchers point out their reasoning was inferred, but say their findings show that GM foods will be more accepted by consumers if they are cheaper and the advantages are clearly explained.

Have a great week!

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