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Tuesday 28th August 2012.

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Editorial: Welcome to TheCropSite Newsletter

Last week, Pro Farmer released the official results of their Midwest crop tour, and their daily state results certainly moved the market last week. Following are their overall results and state-by-state averages and commentary.

Pro Farmer put the 2012 US corn crop at 10.478 billion bu.; avg. yield 120.25 bu/A +/- 1% = 10.374 billion bu. to 10.583 billion bu.; 119.05 bu/A to 121.45 bu/A.

As for soybeans, Pro Farmer pegged estimates at 2.60 billion bu.; avg. yield of 34.8 bu/A +/- 2% = 2.548 billion bu. to 2.652 billion bu.; 34.1 bu/A to 35.5 bu/A.


Ohio: 124 bu. per acre. The Midwest drought started in northwest Ohio. South and east of there extreme moisture and heat stress will guarantee below-average corn yields.

Indiana: 101 bu. per acre. Eastern Indiana showed extreme drought stress. A lack of ears and grain length pulled yields down.

Illinois: 116 bu. per acre. The eastern half of Illinois was the epicenter of this summer's drought. Corn yields were better in some western and northern areas of the state, but standability is a major issue.

Iowa: 139 bu. per acre. Corn yields in the western one-third of the state were down 11% from last year, but the real problem is in the eastern two thirds of the state. Iowa's early start to the growing season turned into a mid-season nightmare for corn trying to pollinate and fill kernels.

Minnesota: 152 bu. per acre. Crop District 7 is the problem in Minnesota as is the western half of Crop District 8. Corn yield and plant health improved dramatically in the eastern half of the state where yield potential is very good.

Nebraska: 138 bu. per acre. Kernel size is the villain in Nebraska, and that is what makes the husker state a swing state on corn yields. Even irrigated yields were off about 10% from year-ago, while dryland corn yields will be determined by kernel size

South Dakota: 85 bu. per acre. We hit South Dakota hard on harvested acres and yield. This was absolutely the worst corn crop we've sampled since 1998 when the Crop Tour started in the western Belt.


For soybeans, the averages ranged from 28 bu/A in South Dakota to 42 bu/A in Nebraska. However, Pro Farmer said the bean crop from Ohio to Nebraska needs a drink right now to realize these yield estimates. To see state-by-state soybean estimates, click here.

On Sunday, I drove west across northern Illinois toward Iowa. And it rained for three hours non-stop and at times pretty hard, so hopefully that will give the soybeans a final yield boost.

This week I'll be attending the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, so watch Headline News for daily updates live from the show.

Have a great week!

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