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TheCropSite Newsletter - 11 September 2012

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Tuesday 11th September 2012.

Sarah Mikesell - TheCropSite Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell
Senior Editor

Editorial: Welcome to TheCropSite Newsletter

I struggled all day yesterday about whether to write about the fact that it's 9/11 and, well, I have to because it's a part of me as it is every American. I didn't know anyone specifically who died in the attacks, but the whole day shook me to the core.

In the US, we mark and reference life's catastrophic events by where we physically were. For my parent's generation, it was when President Kennedy was shot. Since I wasn't alive then, 9/11 is such an event for me.

When the first tower was hit, I was, of all places, at the gynecologist's office being told that I was not just pregnant, but that I was having twins. The thrill and excitement couldn't last long that day because my doctor told me before I left what had happened. My mind immediately went to the babies and what kind of world would we be bringing them into.

On the drive to my office, my mom called me absolutely frantic, thinking that I was getting on a plane that day headed to Vancouver, Canada for a business trip (which was actually the next day). It was many hours until I reached my husband because of jammed phone lines. He was stuck in Chicago, but he was all right.

I remember sitting in my Chicago suburban office with colleagues watching nightmare after nightmare unfold on TV but not really wanting to go home to an empty house. Even more bizarre, I kept thinking that I'd still be traveling to Vancouver on my business trip the next day. It just shows that it hadn't sunk in. Not until my husband informed me that his newly pregnant wife was definitely NOT getting on a plane anytime in the near future did reality really set in. Our world had shifted and would never be the same.

Now, I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I am not going to end thereā€¦ The world did change, but it didn't fall apart. Amid the devastation of that day, we saw countless acts of heroism, courage and selflessness. Since that day, my twins arrived and are grown up enough to call themselves 'mini-adults', having just entered the 5th grade. I frequently fly on planes - internationally even (although my mom still worries about me). And on 9/11, I think about the world - how it's changed, what's to come and how to make it better for not just my kids but for future generations.

Our global population is growing - as a community, we have to address food safety and supply, food waste, climate change's impact, sustainability opportunities. We have an opportunity now to make the world better for our children. I hope you'll take a few moments to consider what impact you can have.

Thanks for letting me share my 9/11 experience with you.

Have a great week!

Crop World Global 2012 - 6 & 7 November 2012

Mapping the Future of Climate Change in Africa
Our planet's changing climate is devastating communities in Africa through droughts, floods and myriad other disasters. Using detailed regional climate models and geographic information systems, researchers with the Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program at the at the University of Texas at Austin, developed an online mapping tool that analyzes how climate and other forces interact to threaten the security of African communities.

Study: Forest Razing by Ancient Maya Worsened Droughts
For six centuries, the ancient Maya flourished, with more than a hundred city-states scattered across what is now southern Mexico and northern Central America.

Food Prices, Waste are Hot Topics of Public Survey
Research conducted for the Global Food Security Programme, which is led by BBSRC, has shown that many people believe that: 'food security is not an issue that affects me rather it's more a problem for people in developing countries'. The results also highlight that food price is often seen as more important than all other food issues. The results come as US drought threatens to spark a food price crisis.

Questions About Corn Acreage
The pace of consumption of US corn has been slowing, as evidenced by small weekly exports and export sales, smaller weekly estimates of ethanol production, declining cattle feedlot placements, and increased slaughter of dairy cows and the hog breeding herd. The extent of rationing required in the current marketing year that has just begun, however, is still not clear since the size of the 2012 crop is not yet known, writes Darrel Good, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois.

Global Grain Markets Tighten - FAO Cereal Supply and Demand Brief
Continued deterioration of cereal crop prospects over the past two months, due to unfavourable weather conditions in a number of major producing regions, has led to a sharp cut in FAO's world production forecast since the previous report in July. Based on the latest indications, global cereal production would not be sufficient to cover fully the expected utilization in the 2012/13 marketing season, pointing to a larger drawdown of global cereal stocks than earlier anticipated.


Record Fine for Chemical Spray Drift Prompts Warning to Farmers
EMAI Biosecurity Centre Attracts Industry Recognition
Aussie Barley Exports to Korea Back on Track

   United Kingdom

Peter Kendall: 'Soil Most Successful Asset'
Caroline Spelman, Jim Paice Go in Defra Reshuffle
Farmers Turn to Renewables Amid Cost Fears

   United States

Survey: Indiana Farmland Values, Cash Rents Soar
CME: Focus This Month is on Harvested Acres
CME: Grain Futures Closed Sharply Lower Monday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Higher Tuesday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Lower Wednesday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Higher Thursday
CME: Corn Futures Closed Slightly Higher Friday
Shift in Texas Cotton Could Occur as Grain Prices Remain High
John Deere Water Offers Metal Filters to North American Customers
Biofuels Groups Defend EPA Biofuel Targets
GeoGrain: Basis Falls for Corn, Soybeans
Grain Hedge: Markets Gearing Up for September Reports
After the Rain: Hurricane Brings Moisture to Midwest
Industry Urges Senate to Refrain from Disaster Bill
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Double-Crop Soybeans Struggle to Mature; Could be Valuable Forage
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New Technology: Bringing the Internet Direct to the Field
NFU Kicks Off Legislative Fly-In
Symposium Shows FGD Gypsum Offers many Soil Quality Benefits
2012 Farm Bill Debate: Multiple-Year Risk Assistance Programs
USGC to Conduct Global Sorghum Assessment
Considerations for Autumn-Seeded Small Grains
Indiana Sees More Drought Relief, Dry Conditions Persist
No Nutritional Benefit to Organic Produce
Cargill Corn Milling Receives OSHA Safety Honour


Canada Cereal Grain Harvest Complete - Early Crops Fare Better
Completed Consultations Help Shape Next Agricultural Policy


China-Swedish Agriculture Agreement Signed
Can India Fill the Grain Market Void?
DuPont Pioneer: Science, Solutions, Global Challenges
FAO Food Price Index Holds Steady
Oxfam: Poltical Leaders 'Must Act Now' to Avoid Food Crisis


India Rice Sowing Above Average
India Cotton Area, Production Revised Upwards
India's Soya Exports Hit Record Levels

   Russian Federation

Russia Grain Forecast Lowered
DuPont Pioneer Committed to Research Efforts in Russia


Rush for Jamaica Cane Lands


German Grain Harvest Better Than Predicted

   European Union

EFSA Functioning Well


Co-ordinated Plan to Deal with Weather Crisis


Govt, Private Sector Put 16 Key Farm Products into Clusters


Brazil Cotton Exports Remain Strong
Second Corn Crop Will Help Ensure Domestic Supply


Pests, High Temperatures Affect Turkey Cotton Yields


Govt Promises Measures to Stabilise Sugar Prices

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