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Europe Mars Bulletins

Europe Mars Bulletins

Europe Mars Bulletins

The MARS bulletins offer in a near real time and in an operational context analyses and information on crop growth conditions and yield forecast at EU27 level and neighbouring countries like Ukraine, Black Sea area and Maghreb.

Along the crop growth season MARS Bulletins include different kind of information reaching from an agro meteorological analysis based on observed and simulated weather to the issuing of short term forecasts based on the output of crop growth models. The crops covered are wheat, barley, rice, maize, rye, triticale, rapeseed, sunflower, sugar beet, potato and pastures.


No frost kill is expected in the near future.

Satisfying yields conclude a season marked by contrasts.

Favourable weather supported timely sowing and crop establishments in most EU-28 regions.

Satisfactory summer crop yield expectations after a troubled start to the season.

Positive winter cereal season, mixed outlook for maize

Cereals yield below average. The total cereals yield at EU-27 level is forecast 5.7% below last year’s campaign and 2.7% below...

Campaign 2011/12 has come to a close across Europe

Further decrease of maize yields in southern and eastern Europe.

Summer crops affected by drought in South and East Europe.

Crop Monitoring in Europe - extremely hot and dry in the south and east, overly wet in the west. This Bulletin covers the...

Agro-meteorological overview and weather forecast - 25 June 2012, Iberian Peninsula faces a difficult season.

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