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13 December 2013

MARS Bulletin Vol. 21 No. 13 (Crop monitoring in Europe)MARS Bulletin Vol. 21 No. 13 (Crop monitoring in Europe)

Satisfying yields conclude a season marked by contrasts.
Supplied by: MARS BULLETIN – EC - JRC

Satisfying yields conclude a season marked by contrasts

This agricultural year has been marked by an unusually prolonged winter for western and central Europe and heavy rainfall in May and June. Throughout summer, significant areas were affected by hot spells impacting the yield formation of summer crops. The harvesting campaign proceeded without severe difficulties. However, the impact of poor weather on crops in some areas of the EU has been offset in other areas. The Iberian Peninsula in particular, had an excellent season with exceptional high yields.

On balance, the EU-28 yields for cereals are favourable and well above both last year’s levels and the five-year average. For soft wheat as well as durum wheat, yields at EU-28 level are close to the five- year average, mediocre yields in France and the UK for soft wheat are offset by good yields in Hungary, Bulgaria and Germany. Barley experienced an excellent season due to the exceptional conditions in the Iberian Peninsula and the satisfactory results in eastern and central Europe. Also in the case of rye, yields are well above the five-year average thanks to the decent yields obtained by the dominant producers Germany, Poland and Spain. By contrast, grain maize producers in Italy, Germany and Hungary faced a difficult season that led to near five-year average yields at EU-28 level. Rapeseed yields are close to the five-year average, as low yields in France and the UK are compensated by those of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The season was beneficial for sunflower in Romania and Bulgaria with high yields pushing the yield level at EU-28 clearly above average. Root and tuber crops only yielded average values at EU level with a large variation amongst countries.

December 2013


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