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USDA Cotton Ginnings

10 January 2014

USDA Cotton Ginnings - 10 January 2014USDA Cotton Ginnings - 10 January 2014

Cotton Ginnings

Statistical Methodology

Survey Procedure: The cotton ginnings survey is an enumeration of all active gins and every effort is made to obtain a report from all ginners. Data are collected on the first and fifteenth of each month (September – January and February 1) for all estimating States while data collection begins with an August 1 survey in Texas. A final survey is conducted after gins finish ginning for the season. Ginners are asked to report the number of Upland and American Pima bales ginned prior to the data collection date. Data are collected by telephone, fax, and internet. If a completed report is not received from an active gin, the bales ginned are estimated using administrative data or imputed using current survey data for neighboring gins and the previously reported data for the imputed gin.

Estimating Procedures: Information obtained from the cotton ginnings survey is used to establish estimates of Upland and American Pima bales ginned to date. These estimates are reviewed for errors, reasonableness, and consistency with historical estimates.

Revision Policy: Cotton ginnings estimates are subject to revision in the annual report released in May and are based on a thorough review of all available data.

Reliability: Cotton ginnings estimates are based on a census of all known ginners and therefore, have no sampling variability. However, estimates are subject to errors such as omissions, duplication, and mistakes in reporting, recording, and processing of the data. While these errors cannot be measured directly, they are minimized through strict quality controls in the data collection process and a careful review of all reported data for consistency and reasonableness.

Published by USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

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